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on Apr 7th 2001, 04:27:14, ned wrote the following about


Returning from work ned noticed a new and improved billboard spewing it's niceness into view. Hmmm.. he noted, what niceness; why and how am I so compelled to buy a products image that is obviously tweaked to fit my current view on the world around me? Is it cool, bitchen, perfect, efficient, does everyone have one? Ned passed the sign then sunk back into his normal tortured state given his constant battle with his ID, EGO and probably SUPEREGO, surrounding his place in society and how much money he makes and what was he gonna do when his car finally crapped out and how his mother fucked him up and why he doesn't or can't have a girlfriend and naturally that he boozes too much. He took the usual detour to the liquor store on the way home and purchased some beverages for the evening. He would eat some dinner -actually healthy fare: broiled salmon, asparagus, three small red potatoes, and consume a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, a couple if not six beers, stare at the computer screen all the while surfing and re-reading shit, and then tottering and petting the cats de-clothe himself leaving his pants, and shirt on the chair until he did another batch of laundry. Perhaps next weekend. Ned goes to the refrigerator for one last beer, opens it, takes a swig, then sets it next to the bed, rolls over and passes out. Tomorrow morning Ned wakes up hating himself and does it all over again.

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