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on Dec 29th 2023, 22:10:46, schmidt, matthias wrote the following about


the day i presented parts of my research about polymerisable various Nitrogen-Oxygen-Pentacycles in the laboratories of Henkel in Duesseldorf, there was an very little unidentified peak in all the hundreds of nuclear-magnetic-resonance-spectra i‘ve made from my products which could act as cleaning agents. The audience didn‘t ask about the source or the identity of the little peak but i said to them, i know, that the monomers i used for my polimerisations are your products, and i suppose this litte peak of hydrogen is a very simple marker added to your invention and in fact a very little amount of (mono)Deuteriumhydroxide as identificaton for your monomer. The audience was absolutely quiet. After lunch in the restaurant forhere eat the konzernchefs“ and some wine a very kind woman would like to photocopy my papers which i permitted. So was it. I fuhr mit de auto wieder nach Hause und bekam Fahrkostenerstattung.

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