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on Jun 10th 2002, 22:48:44, xodaaje tariak wrote the following about


In a Swoon

Life´s bearing down upon me
But I won´t do anybody harm no more
I´m closing my eyes yet I can see
The invisible sign upon the unlocked door

I´m freezing, starving, burning, locked in an open room
My universe stops turning; I´m living in a swoon

An anaestetic Impact full scale upon my inner self
Subdues the pain of setting broken bones
And memories from the topmost shelf, long lost in lives long gone
Come tumbling to create my chairn like gray uncaring stones.

Disoriented in a black lagoon I´m diving for the ground
Down to the last the big buffoon I die without a sound
and see to what an endless swoon depression may amount
But in the blackness I give names to all the stars I count.

The doorstep though I will not cross I´ll take the brickwalls down
And crush the bricks to white hot dust; remains of god and hope.
I don´t believe I do not hope for peace of mind´s my goal
And proudly wear the battle scars imprinted on my soul.

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