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Because of my harsh words, I send you some fresh air by a shortstory about Two Cases, maybe the first part you have heared somewhere, but you never heared from the second.

FIRST CASE: Once there was a courtroom in a medium sized city, where one defendant is accused in the murder of the concierge. The chairman starts the oral proceedings. The defence lawyer takes the floor and expresses:
»Dear Jury Commissoner! My client here cannot be the murderer, and in the next two minutes I will explain why not. Look at the entrance and I assure you that the killed concierge will come soon through that door and he will be very lively.« (the defence lawyer points towards the door)
The whole jury is looking at the door. Nothing happens.
The defence lawyer starts again: »Her you have the evidence! The fact, that all of you looked to the door, makes evident that the jury is full with doubts about the defendant's guilt. Hence my client should not be declared guiltyThe jury withdraws for its final deliberations. After a while they are coming back and the defendant is found guilty by all the juriors to be the murder of the concierge. The defence lawyer protests against the ruling: »But you looked to the door ! So you have shown that you are not sure whether my client is the murderer.«
The chairman of the jury answers: »Yes, it's truth, we all have looked at the door. But your client, he himself, did not
Once upon a time there was an International Criminal Court, saying to the public: »From that time we want to be like the holy chicken among all the other chicken. For the sake of present and future generations, we detect the most wanted mass murderer, to bring them before the Court and to put an end to impunity for the perpetrators of these crimes. But we point out, that we will only care about the most serious crimesAnd in the following years many nations were coming to join the Judgements Statute. The Court becomes brave and strong and was on the way for good justice for nations. (Suddenly a well-dressed chicken breaks through the door) We hear the chicken saying: »By way of introduction, I am the Vice-President of the World Bank and I would like to ask for an extra special memorandum with the CourtThe Prosecutors look each other, saying: »Very interesting. The representator of the «World Bank» should sit downThe Courts president stands up, shouting to the whole world: »Are there any other groups or organizations, who likes to want to have a «Special-Understanding-Memorandum» with us, the International Criminal Court

The story is written as »circulus in demonstrando ad oculus«. Judgement can be so easy. We just need to look at the door !

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