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on Apr 18th 2000, 06:26:25, Zelous wrote the following about


wtf is this ne way can ne1 tell me that? can ne1 please tell me man what are those little boxes at the bottom and why do i have four of them what do they mean what is the whole point of this someone tell me i am to lazy to read the main page so someone must tell me our i'll just keep on typing, not that you can stop me because by the time you read this i will have long ago stopped typing this so all is lost well must just give up the fight surrender now or just go insane from the pressure of living and knowing that you cannot stop what has already happened hell you probably can't stop what will happen so why are you even trying just give up live you life goto school get educated find a worthless job and spend all your money on little trinkets and big trinkets thinking that you are free and happy when deep down inside you wish you had lived long ago back in the day when we ran aroung wearing the skins of the animals we killed sitting around a campfire roasting the rabbits we killed and laughing about what's-his-name's stupid act of the day and best of all no job no school no government no police no christianity and best of all no money

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