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Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne wrote on Jan 4th 2005, 07:52:03 about


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He was not lavish, nor, on the contrary, avaricious; for, whenever he knew that money was needed for a noble, useful, or benevolent purpose, he supplied it quietly and sometimes anonymously.

cjr wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 22:12:41 about


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»Money and death are a potent cocktail,« she said, her hand moving toward her holster. I knew she always kept her gun loaded.

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens wrote on May 9th 2004, 09:16:32 about


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He said no more, but taking the money turned away with a slow, uncertain step, and pressed his hand upon his head like a weary and dejected man

sara the mac wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 08:42:42 about


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money is harder to talk about than sex, politics or religion. money is power, but a lot of people try to pretend it's only money.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 24th 2001, 13:00:15 about


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The story of Indians selling Manhattan to the Dutch for a mere $24 worth of beads overlooks an more significant fact:

The tiny beads came in bulk, not on 'jewelry,' and were of uniform sizes and colors.

The Indians could now more easily and more quickly create beaded blankets and buckskins, which they sold back to the Dutch – in return for even more beads.

Thus both economies – Indian manufacturers and Dutch traders – flourished.

paniq wrote on Feb 27th 2004, 23:53:00 about


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money can be understood as value-energy.

by spending money, you tell the world how much worth you think it is.

by earning money, the world tells you how much worth it thinks you are.

prostitutes tell how much sex is worth.

dealers tell how much drugs are worth.

why does the government ban valuable things?

anne wrote on Mar 9th 2003, 17:53:48 about


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I find ths that things money can afford you, to do for others. Makes it a good thing. But to hoard it up and do nothing with it,Is sinful.And seeing it withheld from certain needy people is also sinful.Especially, when there is someone else with more than they can ever spend. this unfair distribution of wealth is digraceful.Our society is one in which everyone should be able to have what they need to live.This condition is one that faces the world family as a whole. It is so sad to see the peoples of other nations,starving to death when there are also other peoples who have more than they could possibly need.

This needs to be addressed by the United Nations Council. Instead of the wasteful pursuit of which country to go to war with. Our world needs world leaders.Those with a vision of how to better our world families, condition!



Joan wrote on Feb 11th 2005, 05:13:54 about


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If you pay cash for every purchase you make, you will never go in debt.

On the other hand, you will never be able to establish credit that way and so will probably be unable to make major purchases such as a new car or house.

Wise money management requires the careful and judicious use of credit.

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