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on Nov 1st 2001, 05:46:47, Uh huh wrote the following about


Music should be shared. Like Napster. Too bad about Napster. But there's still Napigator! And Aimster, and Bearshare, and Morpheus, and there will be more music. Then theres always the old warez mp3 sites. I came here looking for music to be shared. Pity some people just don't wanna share even though they are rich already. Like the RIAA sucks. I »napstered« that song. Cuz the RIAA sucks and I got a song that says so too. Unfortunately, the song sucked too. Too bad the guys who made it don't have better guitar skills. It could have used a techno beat too. I like techno. I found lots of classical techno after they filtered napster but before they shut off the official napster downloads.

Nevermind, my sound card is dead anyway. How do the rich expect me to buy a bundle of cds when I am saving up for a replacement sound card?

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