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We are currently plotting purgatory convergeance west of the Tambley Canyon Faultline, due to several (minor) alterations to previous established endovaporating methods (otherwise found to be consistent with more recent alternate methods derived by parties unbound by the scope of the original project); however there are a number of »soft« data points (indicated in yellow on the graph 31.1) affecting the final assignment of Teague Lift Valuation, and so we feel that we must subtract a portion of the pre-2008 torsion limiters in order to correct for an east-north-east coriolus shearing tendency evident in field tests (August 2007, East Lansing Facility); additionally, Verne mapping has uncovered possible explosive out-croppings (mainly hadline metals bimuxed around riparian condensates) adjacent to the primary event site leaving less than optimal dorsalamute flexibillity (per Ramirez & Shapely, UBOT 1997), and necessitating a full de-collubriation of ground density assets within the 300 meter prescription zone of plausible interference.

On the other hand: Bring your towel, because this should be fun!

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