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the day i presented parts of my research about polymerisable various Nitrogen-Oxygen-Pentacycles in the laboratories of Henkel in Duesseldorf, there was an very little unidentified peak in all the hundreds of nuclear-magnetic-resonance-spectra i‘ve made from my products which could act as cleaning agents. The audience didn‘t ask about the source or the identity of the little peak but i said to them, i know, that the monomers i used for my polimerisations are your products, and i suppose this litte peak of hydrogen is a very simple marker added to your invention and in fact a very little amount of (mono)Deuteriumhydroxide as identificaton for your monomer. The audience was absolutely quiet. After lunch in the restaurant forhere eat the konzernchefs“ and some wine a very kind woman would like to photocopy my papers which i permitted. So was it. I fuhr mit de auto wieder nach Hause und bekam Fahrkostenerstattung. Ich hätte auf meinen Professor hören sollen. Der hatte vorgeschlagen, er kenne ja meine Forschungsergebnisse und er würde an meiner Stelle den Vortrag bei henckel halten. ich sagte grioßßspürig, ich kann das schon, ich krieg das hin.

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