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Strawberries are a welcome addition to any home garden. They are relatively easy to grow, require a minimum of space, and
virtually no chemicals are needed. From as few as 25 transplants to start a matted row, a berry yield in excess of 50 pounds
can be achieved one year after planting. Strawberries require a site that is open to direct sunlight most of the day. Try to avoid
very low-lying areas prone to spring frosts, and you should definitely plan to purchase a white spunbonded row cover to
protect open strawberry blossoms from spring frosts/freezes. The same cover may be used for bird control during harvest.

Berries not eaten fresh can be readily frozen or preserved. Besides being an excellent dessert fruit, strawberries are a good
source of vitamin C as well as being low in calories (1/2 cup fills an adult's daily need for vitamin C and equals about 25


There are many strawberry varieties available, but it is best to select only varieties adapted to the climatic conditions found in
your area. Start with disease-free certified plants from a reliable nursery. It is not a good practice to use your own plants or
your neighbor's plants to set a new patch. Generally two to three varieties will be needed to extend the ripening season over a
four to five week period. Everbearing varieties, Ozark Beauty and Superfection, and newer Dayneutral varieties, Tristar and
Tribute, have generally not performed well in North Carolina.

It is recommended that you speak to your Cooperative Extension Agent and/or the North Carolina Department of Agriculture
for a listing of anthracnose-free nurseries. For the mountain and piedmont areas, choose red stele resistant varieties, Earliglow
and Sunrise, in soils where this disease is present.

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