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on Dec 17th 2002, 19:56:22, elfboi wrote the following about


»Good afternoon, Weed Man. May I help you
»Yeah um, how much do you charge?«
»For what sir?«
»For a gram.«
»For a gram?«
»I'm not sure what you mean sir.«
»Isn't this the weed man
»Yes it is
»How much do you charge for a gram?«
»For a gram of... fertilizer? Weed control or what
»I'm sorry, you got the wrong number
»No, this is the Weed Man
»This is the Weed Man, yes
»Is this the Weed Woman? Is the man there
»Where is he
»Who are you looking for
»The Weed Man
»And who is that
»I don't know his name, it just says, 'The Weed Man'.«
»It does.«
»It doesn't give any name
"No, just a second, I'll check. -
No, no name."
»Sorry, I can't help you then
»Oh, you can't sell me some weed
»Well, that's fine, then. Thanks a lot, WEED MAN
»See you later

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