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ozgrrl wrote on Apr 11th 2000, 21:45:03 about


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Which is your favourite Enterprise? I like the one in Next Generations...

functional violence wrote on Jan 29th 2001, 23:14:01 about


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i saw a semi-truck the other day which belonged to the company »Star Truck Enterprise«.
trucker trekkies.

Liamara wrote on Apr 9th 2000, 01:11:40 about


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»Picard rose to his feet as the Enterprise took up standard orbit above Buran. It was an inviting-looking blue-green world on the main viewscreen, very reminescent of so many worlds that Picard had visited. Naturally there was no sign of the plague from this safe distance

From »The death of princes«, John Peel, a Star Trek – The Next Generation Novel

Dragan wrote on Apr 11th 2000, 10:26:11 about


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A riddle: How long can anything in the Internet last until the first reference to Star Trek appears?

(Hint: it's about miliseconds.)

nichol wrote on Nov 22nd 2000, 22:26:25 about


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the Starship Enterprise may have boldly gone etc,
but the Herald of Free Enterprise sank in the middle of the era of »enterprise culture«, the 1980's, when the few boldly grabbed what they could for themselves. The chickens have come home to roost and our goose is cooked

sdw wrote on Jun 6th 2001, 00:24:23 about


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As the leader of this enterprise, let me welcome all of you into our organization. Our goal: to become the best damn assassins the world has ever seen!

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