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wigbomb about Lolita
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Joo about Lolita
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tub farter about Lolita

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d about Lolita

on Apr 19th 2005, 01:39:28 wrote
about Lolita

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Charrolita wrote on Oct 19th 2001, 15:35:11 about


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suspender flies into crow
sailing up seam
melting into her downtown
under milk pans.

Joo wrote on Aug 20th 2009, 13:49:05 about


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A young female person, who has early sexual ambitions in her way of life! If other girls of her
age havenīt any interests in this subject at all!

wigbomb wrote on Oct 19th 2001, 08:45:24 about


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Mr. P knows Lolita personally. They have coffee every Sunday. Mice run up his pantleg. He'd like to suggest changing places but chivalry stops him. And his hope that she might attempt a more radical solution.

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