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wigbomb about Lolita
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tub farter about Lolita

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efe erkan about Lolita

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tub farter about Lolita

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ccccccc wrote on Jul 2nd 2002, 23:39:09 about


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no longer 5'2", no longer 13, no longer 90lbs, Lolita calmly rejected Humbert, he asked her something i cant remember exactly,
»Did I ruin your ability to loveor something like that...
she smiled...»no you were my Dad.«
then admitted that during that time...»you ruined my life«

Joo wrote on Aug 20th 2009, 13:49:05 about


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A young female person, who has early sexual ambitions in her way of life! If other girls of her
age haven´t any interests in this subject at all!

Charrolita wrote on Oct 19th 2001, 15:35:11 about


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suspender flies into crow
sailing up seam
melting into her downtown
under milk pans.

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