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Lori about attention
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nia about attention
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on Apr 30th 2006, 17:40:34 wrote
nia about attention

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Daniel Arnold wrote on Oct 27th 2001, 16:40:08 about


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Atenntion, please.
I've just got the idea that what I named RoundRobin might even be called »a serialized narration«.
Sounds good.

Man(n) wrote on Jun 24th 2001, 11:56:34 about


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What we are searching for is between your mind and the object which you are paying attention with....and it doesn´t matter if this object is a book, a film or your life in that moment.

Jean-Claude Choul wrote on Mar 12th 2002, 10:29:20 about


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As a rule, never pay attention, but rather, give it. Attention can easily be divided and spread around, while it seems to refer to some form of concentration, a scarce commodity these days. The military know all about attention, and are paid to stand at it and even snap to it. My style of attention is happily free (I don't have to pay) and does not require the raising of a flag. And hopefully it is not a posture.

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