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agnes wrote on May 1st 2004, 07:19:54 about


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My favorite teddy bear I've had since I was a baby. He was the first of the fourteen now sitting in chairs around my apartment.

Bill Stuart wrote on Dec 23rd 2003, 06:13:57 about


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Bears are part of nature and should be respected. As the man who tried to put his son on the back of a male eating some garbage learned, Bears are not like big dogs.

The bear turned towards him and made it absolutely clear that he was not to be disturbed. While they both survived, the bear would have been killed by park rangers if it had attacked the man.

Coffeeshop Skip wrote on Apr 20th 2004, 09:59:14 about


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Two Travellers were walking together through a wood, when a Bear rushed out upon them.

One of the travellers happened to be in front, and he seized hold of the branch of a tree, and hid himself among the leaves.

The other, seeing no help for it, threw himself flat down upon the ground, with his face in the dust.

The Bear, coming up to him, put his muzzle close to his ear, and sniffed and sniffed. But at last with a growl he shook his head and slouched off, for bears will not touch dead meat.

Then the fellow in the tree came down to his companion, and, laughing, asked, “What was it that Bear whispered to you

“He told me,” said the other, “NEVER TRUST A FRIEND WHO DESERTS YOU AT A PINCH.”

---------- one of Aesop's fables

dan b pearl wrote on May 10th 2000, 21:12:11 about


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We pointed to where you could hear the birds, the bears, the wolves. The Bear set off, looked back and said, wide-eyed, »Where are the bears again

It was The Bear who told me about the Assoziations Blaster.

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