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cccccccc about deaf
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john jewel about deaf
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whatevernext96 wrote on Jan 11th 2002, 16:08:09 about


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The worst part of deafness is supposed to be that it's nowhere near silent. Perhaps it was the eternal discordant tinnitus in the ears that often drove poor Beethoven crazy.

Jim wrote on Aug 29th 2001, 21:12:03 about


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People are going deaf because music is played louder and louder, but because they're going deaf, it has to be played louder still."

Karen Anderson wrote on Mar 14th 2001, 21:41:15 about


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Now that my deaf friends have moved to other cities, I miss using sign language!

cccccccc wrote on Feb 25th 2001, 04:58:03 about


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I close my eyes every week and listen to mike. He breathes in and out, clears his throat, cracks his knuckles. He has no idea what these sounds are. I am convinced someone must hear my thoughts or feel my emotions somewhere. Someone must sense some vibration of mine, to which I am deaf.

orpheus wrote on Mar 31st 2003, 02:43:38 about


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Tommy, the deaf, dumb, blind kid sure plays a mean pinball.

Gronkor wrote on Oct 4th 2002, 14:04:49 about


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Florence is deaf
But there's no need to shout

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