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ike about drop
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el cojones about drop
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on Jan 27th 2009, 19:31:42 wrote
el cojones about drop

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B Starr about drop

on Jan 27th 2009, 19:32:16 wrote
el cojones about drop

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Texts to »Drop«

Eta ~ wrote on Oct 25th 2000, 11:00:34 about


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It is always dangerous to attempt a repair on an engine while in flight. Drop the wrench or the screwdriver and you are out of luck.

Emma Example wrote on Feb 10th 2004, 13:24:32 about


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a drop of red blood

mirror wrote on Dec 11th 2001, 16:46:52 about


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Look before you leap. If only to assess the depth of the drop if you don't make the other side

ike wrote on Jul 16th 2000, 10:04:49 about


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falling water is fun.
i imagine drops of water to be happy.
just think: to be small, round, fluid, falling fast!
then you finish by going splip or splish or even sizzle!

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