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rkcba wrote on Jun 6th 2004, 09:21:34 about


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No one can enjoy freedom unless he is willing to surrender some part of it.

Evan Esar
20,000 Quips & Quotes

karin wrote on Feb 23rd 2005, 10:34:36 about


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freedom is the understanding of necessities

venus wrote on Mar 17th 2003, 21:01:41 about


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Women are gaining more freedom and independence than ever before.

KBBurner wrote on Jun 27th 2001, 00:46:44 about


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But blindly I'm led by blind men by the hand down the blind road in the blind chains of conformed liberation. But the notion of non-conformity is a prison in itself, binding one by self-imposition of limit. »Nothing that conforms is aloud,« the say. »So we'll all not do the same thingAnd by doing so and not so they are as shackled as the conformers. They are, therefore, not free because they hold themselves down. The secret to freedom is to be open to both halves of everything. The way of the peaceful warrior. He walks the middle path and finds the balace betweeen captivity on both sides. He walks the fence that divides everything into equal and opposite terms. He walks in freedom

Dortessa wrote on Oct 12th 2002, 18:39:59 about


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Free entrance to cathedral.
(Dom ist the german Word for cathedral)

Greg wrote on Jul 30th 2003, 21:42:14 about


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»Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

Kris Kristofferson 'Me and Bobby McGee'

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