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Mattieu McAllum about listening
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daronn about listening

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schmidt about listening

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daronn about listening

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lillyvelisilly wrote on Jun 26th 2005, 22:30:29 about


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listening changes your whole system. whenever you take information in, you change a bit.

whatevernext96 wrote on Oct 22nd 2001, 17:36:25 about


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Why is listening not regarded as an art-form, similar to creative talking or writing? Much of the real progress of the world must surely have taken place through those who have a rare genius for listening.

wigbomb wrote on Oct 22nd 2001, 10:05:19 about


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Walter Folly invested in a poem. Christ on a bike the square of celestial foam and a sealed capsule. Problem? The mental on mental sound that haunts the bombsquad e'en now.

Mattieu McAllum wrote on Mar 9th 2001, 09:28:04 about


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We hear so much, but we are conditioned to listen so little. Relationships are built among people on the degree to which we listen and the acceptance in our listening. Listen to wise counsel from others. Listen to others. Listen and learn.

Listening involves asking questions. Listening involves an openness to advice. Listening often involves talking less.

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