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Dexter about manipulative

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Emma Example about manipulative

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ginea about manipulative

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Brock wrote on May 19th 2004, 08:43:58 about


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To be playing the game in someone else's head.

whatevernext96 wrote on Sep 9th 2001, 13:59:29 about


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Families are the most lethal place for manipulation – from the earliest years. Children's lives have to be based on trust (the pre-requisite for love) – and who would suspect a beloved Mummy or Daddy of ever being manipulative...? Games people play – and not the ones you enjoyed in the playground. Sometimes it takes decades to find out. Woe!!

the old pirate wrote on Mar 4th 2001, 07:09:39 about


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If you think about it, most people hate freedom. Particularly if it is my freedom, not theirs.

rachel a b wrote on May 10th 2000, 20:13:09 about


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Manipulation could be a neutral concept ... manipulating one's limbs is to cause to move. But emotional manipulation raises a huge red flag for me, making me wary.

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