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Dick Simon about pac-man
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just me about pac-man

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elusius about pac-man

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Hamlet Hamster about pac-man

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Dortessa wrote on Oct 28th 2002, 21:36:59 about


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Pac-man, is enough before the Pokemons.

Dick Simon wrote on Jan 12th 2002, 21:42:15 about


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»pac-man is the perfect representative for the 80's. He runs around consuming all that he can while desperately trying to escape the ghosts of the past. when they found out that he couldn't run fast enough they gave him coke to speed him up.«
;;overheard at the video arcade;;1985

Sarah wrote on Aug 6th 2002, 05:03:46 about


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I played the board game of pac-man recently. It was quite good fun, but nowhere near as much fun as the original.

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