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taay. about sadness
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yvonne about sadness
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taay. wrote on Aug 3rd 2002, 20:22:43 about


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I'm feeling a bit sad. I cried. But no more. Now I feel, just a bit sad.

Sadness is a strange state of mind.
It can be the worst thing on earth, so terrible, that you want to kill yourself,
and it can be a pleasing thing, giving you a chance to think.

And it can be everything between.

shortie wrote on Sep 30th 2003, 17:16:51 about


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i feel sadness.
i have let myself become something that i am not.
let go and move past this. you need to use strength to get through this, do not let it tear you apart. if it does it is only a chance to build a stronger person.

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