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tomato jersey about safe
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Brock about safe
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Salman about safe

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cannedboot about safe

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Texts to »Safe«

tomato jersey wrote on May 1st 2001, 05:35:56 about


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If you don't feel safe as a child, can you ever feel safe as an adult?

whatevernext96 wrote on Jan 26th 2002, 20:51:17 about


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I once felt safe for about sixty seconds, with my head on someone's shoulder. Was it love?

whatevernext96 wrote on Nov 14th 2001, 17:37:12 about


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Safety in numbers – or is there? These days, I feel distinctly threatened in any crowd....

paquita wrote on Aug 9th 2002, 21:51:07 about


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i am safe because im so deeply in love that nothing can ever harm me as long as he stays

whatevernext96 wrote on Sep 23rd 2001, 16:59:28 about


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Going for security and being safe only makes sense if you've still got something to lose.

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