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Josef about smell
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Zayn about smell

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wigbomb about smell

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wigbomb about smell

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Josef wrote on May 4th 2000, 03:36:02 about


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Ah, smell- the missing sense. I'm often quite jealous of dogs and sharks for their ability to pull molecules out of the air and analyze them by pure instinct. Our sense of smell is like the vague awareness of a light seen through your closed eyelids.

Smell is also our most abstract, and indefined, sense. We usually agree that shit smells bad, for example, but how do you describe a smell? I wish that I could rely for a time only on my sense of smell, so that I could dive headfirst into a world of abstraction.

Furthermore, I generally enjoy the smell of my own honest sweat.

chorus wrote on May 7th 2000, 23:30:53 about


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The sense of smell is closest to the oldest parts of our brains – smell is memory, smell is feeling, smell is emotion.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 10th 2001, 23:11:41 about


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A characteristic often absent in anything that will develop into folly.

Still, it is the sense most directly connected to memory. Rememberances surge into the consciousness at a whiff of long-forgotten smell.

drx wrote on Nov 12th 2000, 06:54:36 about


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In statements people use this to indicate great intimacy. Smell is as hard to describe as sound. Because there are no good developed words for it, it is a quite unconscious sense.

The Green Man wrote on Jun 2nd 2000, 04:25:59 about


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The sense of smell transports a person more than any other sense. If Hollywood knew how the sense of smell worked, movies would go out of style and we'd all go to theaters to slip a gas mask over our faces and live virtual-reality stories that would make our dreams seem like lame reruns of »The Golden Girls

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