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Silberfinger about something
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pascal about something

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tarquill about something

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biggi about something

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Texts to »Something«

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus wrote on May 25th 2001, 22:41:25 about


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A wrongdoer is often a man who has left something undone, not always one who has done something.

--Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

auralchaos wrote on Feb 22nd 2002, 06:01:05 about


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If »something« is not at hand, what can one do? Write it down!

chainik wrote on Dec 8th 2002, 11:48:39 about


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»Say something in Spanish!«

Xanadu wrote on Apr 2nd 2002, 01:23:38 about


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Something negative is happening in this world.

LJD wrote on Feb 18th 2001, 23:58:33 about


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It could be something or nothing. Things but only some of them. Something I do or think about. Something in the air. Somethings nver change. Thats something coming from you.

Rhonda Honaker wrote on Feb 23rd 2001, 22:37:28 about


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Something is a very useful word when you can't think of the name of something or when your are doing something you don't want to explane to others or say something nice about someone without using a lot of thought, just the same ole
»somethings« everyone else uses.
Something is just a great fill in word when you don't really know what your talking about but want in the conversation anyway...
I smell something.
I heard something like that.
I see something.
I hear something.
I use to do something similar to that!
»Do you have a joint or something man ???«
I wish i had something to do.
Something sure does smell good!
"Isn't she/he something.
I think something bads about to happen.

I guess you get picture...

shortie wrote on Oct 27th 2002, 02:50:52 about


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something is lost while something is found.

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