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Gronkör about Yeah
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The addressed Lord about Yeah
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pinkylips about Yeah

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Emma Example about Yeah

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Emma Example about Yeah

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60s!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote on May 19th 2001, 00:01:27 about


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"She loves you.

She loves you

And with a love like that"

Those were the days!

auralchaos wrote on Jan 20th 2002, 05:36:02 about


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"Take my advice then, and do not go travelling about for long so
far from home, nor leave your property with such dangerous
people in your house; they will eat up everything you have among
them, and you will have been on a fool's errand. Still, I should
advise you by all means to go and visit Menelaus, who has lately
come off a voyage among such distant peoples as no man could
ever hope to get back from, when the winds had once carried him
so far out of his reckoning; even birds cannot fly the distance
in a twelve-month, so vast and terrible are the seas that they
must cross. Go to him, therefore, by sea, and take your own men
with you; or if you would rather travel by land you can have a
chariot, you can have horses, and here are my sons who can
escort you to Lacedaemon where Menelaus lives. Beg of him to
speak the truth, and he will tell you no lies, for he is an
excellent person."

Lene wrote on Feb 12th 2002, 20:41:37 about


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Yeah yeah, i should give my opinion, but I have none, just like the word

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