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lizzy about surgery
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taylor about surgery
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the old pirate wrote on Mar 11th 2001, 18:36:46 about


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Bravissimo, surgeons and nurses! You are the antithesis of rock stars, politicians, talk show hosts and the other nincompoops in the public eye.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 11th 2001, 18:32:17 about


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I once spent two months in a hospital, enduring twelve hours of surgery. The surgery was actually enjoyable. The doctors and nurses and I talked throughout, joked, even learned about each other in ways we'd otherwise not.

There were eight of us in the operatory, from seven different countries, speaking a total of ten languages.

It was gratifying to see people committed to doing their jobs well, rather than accept mediocrity.

cccccccc wrote on Dec 23rd 2002, 05:34:45 about


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my husband had to have his eyelid replaced..due to tumors...they shaved skin from his scrotum to graph to his upper eyelid....unfortunately he will be cockeyed fro the rest of his life..:(

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