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Aunt Mabel wrote on Mar 4th 2001, 18:35:40 about


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Where did you hear that it was easy to be honest? Do you find that in your Bible? Easy? It is easy to be an ass and follow the multitude like a blind, besotted bull in a stampede; and that, I am well aware, is what you and Mrs. Grundy mean by being honest. But it will not bear the stress of time nor the scrutiny of conscience.

Robert Louis Stevenson, Lay Morals

Kai wrote on Apr 18th 2001, 23:08:53 about


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The place something always is happening in.
The place we always want to be.
We don't know where it is.
No wonder we're so sad.

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens wrote on Jul 28th 2004, 05:51:29 about


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'Where's your partner?' inquired Grinder.

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens wrote on Jul 28th 2004, 05:49:50 about


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'Where have they gone, eh?'

Seamus MacNemi wrote on Jun 12th 2002, 23:52:55 about


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The input field wraps automatically around the shaft of my thoughts like a bean vine growing around a tree. I'm glad it's not kudzu.

Sugi wrote on Mar 3rd 2001, 05:39:00 about


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I was always told that »Where your treasure lies, there lies your heart also

But I think that's backwards.

Where your heart is, that's where you find your treasure.

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