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on Dec 11th 2001, 22:27:14, hans_extrem wrote the following about


vote-auction [V]ote-auction voteauction.com

[V]ote-auction – THE ACTION

from March 2000 through Election-Day [November 7th] 2000 'til ... TODAY

In the public eye...
13 law suits have been announced in 2000
4 law suits / temporary injunctions have been granted 2000
The Missouri law suit was dropped 2001
Legal battles in Chicago, Mass. and Wisconsin are still ongoing in 2001...
Legal steps are taken 04/01 against CORENIC/CSL/JOKER.com | illegal DNS-shutdown of vote-auction.com.

Over 1800 news-features [TV, radio, online, magazines, newspapers...] have been reported

7 CNN features; including a 30 minutes [V]ote-auction special [VIDEO: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | transcript]
Over 450 million people from all continents have read/ heard/ seen/ written / discussed about [V]a
Over 29 press-peleases have been issued by [V]ote-auction

Who were the MASTERMINDS of this global MEDIA HACK and radical business-venture?
Ms. Maria Haas a.k.a. lizvlx [CEO]
Mr. Hans Bernhard a.k.a. hans_extrem/ etoy.HANS/ etoy.BRAINHARD [CCO]
Mr. James Baumgartner [FOUNDER]
Mr. RTMark [consulting, & middleman connecting Mr. Baumgartner and ubermorgen.com]

ubermorgen [the Austrian holding company]
ubermorgen Ltd. [the Bulgarian holding company]>
Vote-auction Ltd. [the Bulgarian company]
Only 30,000 euro spent on legal and operative costs
Over 40,000 euro earned with software- and brand-licencing, election- and PR-consulting
The [V]a-team included 4 lawyers, 8 IT-specialists and 9 PR- and marketing professionals
Additional notes
[V]ote-auction »LEGAL BUSINESS ART« and »MEDIA HACKING« is currently being exhibited in Museums around the world.
[V]ote-auction is being written about in books, talked about in the Media and topic of political and cultural conferences.
The voting-, polling- and auctioning-software is licenced and used worldwide
This Software is used in regular and alternative political, social and cultural elections.

For the [V]ote-auction team,

Maria Haas [CEO]

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