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on Jun 24th 2005, 23:27:54, Yadgar wrote the following about



Where no autobahn leads to
and industrial noise is unheard
beyond the sands of ignorance
an ancient land survived on Earth

Majestic mountains guard your peace
to keep away a restless world
that spins round faster every day
you show this age another way

Across the miles, through concrete and steel,
your call has reached me here and now!
Your light invades my teenage days
to guide me out of this dull place!

Once flower people praised your splendour,
wearing freedom in their hair,
travelling towards timeless wisdom
beneath your skies, so clear and fair

To follow them in my own way,
this now will lead me day by day,
to fly beyond philistine bore
and find the beauty I adore

Chorus: Across the miles...

Barren mountains, verdant valleys,
morning dew in fairy light,
age-old castles on the hilltop,
all in all a magic sight

And somewhere, by a highland stream,
within fields of flourishing green,
a friendly smile from sparkling eyes
may show the road to paradise

Chorus: Across the miles... (two times)

Lyrics 1993/2005 by Jörg »Yadgar« Bleimann, sung preferably by Jon Anderson ;-)
Music: Jörg »Yadgar« Bleimann, but still in an early stage of composing

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