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If you think that whatever your hobby is is important or even interesting then you are mmost diffenately not comparing it to the large, expansive and uniquely impressive hobby of collecting, reading and maybe someday writing books!! Books can take you anywhere that you can dream of and if you are having a bad day or perhaps a bad life then you will be very lucky to find your escape in books. When I die if I am allowed to decide what will come next for my I have always thought that it would be grand to return to this earthly place as a cat. I would have to be a special cat of course and belong to a fine lady who would feed me well and spend most of her time just dotting on me. This special lady would need to have several peices of fine furniture whick I could use to sharpen my claws and also use to hide under when she is in a dotting mood and I wish to have my solitude. I wonder now though if I would be pleased being a very spoiled cat since I have been watching my own cats and realize that for all their fine talents and skills they do not seem to have the slightest interest in books. I wonder if they even can read. There is a chance that I could be happy just sitting on my lady's lap while she reads, but I fear the chance in slim. Books are not a thing to contemplate spending eternity without!

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