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on Apr 21st 2004, 05:57:30, meredith wrote the following about


When I was in my late teens, I became interested in a boy who lived in another city. We met when he came to my city scoping out universities, and started writing each other frequent letters after that.

By complete coincidence, each of us made the other a bracelet and mailed it off on the same day. At first, I tied his bracelet around my wrist in a fairly permanent fashion. After a few days, though, it made me claustrophobic and I had a friend pick out the knots and tie a slipknot instead. After that I felt better.

I think the whole bracelet issue pretty much reflected my outlook on life; I liked this guy, and ended up dating him for a few months, but I never entirely stopped sleeping with other people. I'm only comfortable when I'm not tied down.

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