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on Jun 8th 2008, 11:08:18, Joo wrote the following about


Iīd like another drink I think
Another drink to make me pink
I think Iīll drink until I stink
Iīll drink until I cannot blink

I want some beer to make me cheer
Hurray! Hurrah! A cheer for beer!
I will not stick it in my ear
Hurrah! Hurray! Iīm here for beer!

Iīll drink with my friends Jack and Ron
Iīll drink until my liverīs gone
Iīll invite Sam and Bud and you
And Captain Morgan can come, too

Iīm loaded now, Ihave to go
My brain is working very slow
Thereīs just onething I need to know:
Where is my home? Can I ever go?

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