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on Jun 15th 2024, 14:55:47, Gerhard Lehner wrote the following about


My heroes in films are
Gregory Peck in Donīt Kill a Mockingbird,
the wonderful Movie about Black Americans
in the South of the USA (he get the Oscar
for Playing Atticus Finch) and Liam Neeson
in »Shindlers List«,the man who rescued more
than 1000 Jews.

And a great Film is Spartacus:the brave
slave in Old Rome against the Slavery.

And my heroine in a Animated Film is
Madellaine,the lovely girl friend of Quasimodo
in »Hunchback of Notre Dame II«.

Former I love Saoirse Ronan who was so fantastic
in »Lovely Bones«: a 14 years young girl killed
by a cruel murderer of girls and women.

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