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will be the future – if we want to or not. Today most of the girls are very self-confident and later – in marriage – very domineering. If you don't want trouble you do what they want. Many of my fellow students are already in long-term relationships and are absolutely subservient to both their girlfriend and their future mother-in-law.
Some boys even have to endure corporal punishment, which their resolute mother-in-law administers at will. After punishment, the young man has to kiss his mother-in-law's feet for respect. He must serve and obey both women in every way. So he shines their shoes, brings them their terrycloth slippers and breathes warmth on them before guiding them over their feet. On request, he also has to massage their feet and do a full pedicure. In this way he is brought up by both women to submissive servicing.

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