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Ilon wrote on Nov 16th 2021, 01:33:29 about


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After feeding Noli, the two of them ate their toasts, chatted a bit and drank some water. The director maybe a little too much, all those changes made his mouth dry. He headed to the bathroom, leaving Vladi alone.
He used that time to check some things on his phone.

A couple of minutes later, the director went back to the kitchen, only to find a much changed russian.

»HOLY Fungus!« the director exclaimed.

In front of him was a very small, bad-endowed and stupidly fat russian.


A few minutes back his boredom grew, so he looked up some morphed funny clowns. First he saw a clown with a mighty belly.
»Man, what I'd give to have this...« and so he got it.
A few searches later his gaze stopped at a photo of a clown who appeared to be somewhere around 2 feet tall.
"I bet the cirector would like such a small clown, I'd do too.
Lastly, Vladi was greeted by a picture of a clown with massive fat. It looked realistically wobbly. He was holding now a 8-pack of bottles, fat thighs and fat balls the size of grapes. And those were just here most appealing features. Unlike before, he didn't want them for himself, but rather to make his life a whole lot funnier.
»The director loves it, but these fat is funny

Ugly Princess wrote on Nov 16th 2021, 01:01:37 about


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Noli was realizing his director checking him out, so he smacked his arm.

»Hey, stop that. No way I'll allow that

»What do you mean? I didn't do anything!« The director laughed and smacked Noli the same way. The only difference being that the phone fell out of the pocket of his clownpants. It landed on the ground.

»Anyway, Vladi...« Noli said. »We'll be heading over to Purpur now. Continue what you're doing, just don't overdo it, little clown

Vladi began pouting and mumbled that he'd do everything in his might to shrink him and his director.


Noli and the director started running again. As soon as they left, Vladi noticed the phone laying on the ground. He wanted to tell them it fell out, but they were too far away to hear by now.
So he picked up the device, put it in his own pockets and continued his work.

After a few minutes, he wondered why Noli even had a phone. He took it out and listened to the two previous recordings.

*Stupid clown. Why even record things that are true. And why about the director? Maybe I should make a recording myself to put him in his place.*

He decided to lie about his new maximum earn of money in order to make Noli concerned. He'd be afraid the russian would shrink him.
So he pressed the record button.

»By the way, I'm small and weak enough to lift 2 pound currently.«

He stopped recording and felt weird all of a sudden. As if his body was on fire. The feeling was so intense, he closed his eyes and concentrated, thinking he ate something really bad. After a while, the burning stopped and he opened his eyes, but something was off. His body felt... different? And wait, was he always this small?

He looked down and was shocked. His arms as well as his pecs and belly grew fatter considerably. He wasn't even able to see his feet. And he felt weaker. As if he could actually luft 2 pounds air. He was also right about his height, now being 2'11» instead of 6'8«.

He thought he might've a nightmare, but everything was real.

*Just... HOW?* Then he looked down at the phone. This had to be the cause! Why would Noli even record things that were true? This thing had to be magic!

Linus wrote on Jan 30th 2022, 11:43:19 about


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A young disciple must learn to serve the ladies. He should serve the ladies submissively by asking them politely whether he may perform one or the other menial service. He has to obey and to do what women say. He always has to curtsy in front of them. Especially in presence of mature women, he has to bow deeply, down to the tips of their shoes, humbly asking for a gently foot or shoe kiss. If she gives him permission, he may place a careful kiss in the toe area of ​​her pumps. So gynarchy life works!

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