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Our subconcious determines that we are born to be slave to men. We open our legas if a man ask for it. We open our mouth if he wants a blow job. We always obey to satisfy the male no matter how sadistic he is in the reverent belief that he is our God and master. We want to be abused and punished physically and mentally we enjoy to satisfy man as slave and masochist. We like to suffer as being part of our sex life. e enjoy if he bites into our clit that it huts so much to make us screem in pain and pleassure. That is why I joined the secret budhist rituals wher we made suffering and daily being ubused. And if the pain is not enough we like our clit being whipped that it bleeds. Men never fully understand that we need pain in our abdomen and like to be beeten till we pass out. gave my body to about 10 top monks being raped at front and back till blood flowed out of both of my holes. The enjoyed when I screemed for more abuse following the whipping of my clit and then breast till I was bloody all over. Also we are told that eating food is disgusting while eating feces will make us happy especially when their assholes are injected with the drug ecstasy, the we loose al sensetion of time and pain. After that wears out we fehl terible and bing inserted in a tup of urin an feces with out hhead put under till the see we drink and eat the stuff the they let us come up for air for only a short time. Many of us nuns going through the same until the tup is empty as we consumed every little bit of the monks urine and shitt. We get to addicted to du that anbd cannot wait till the tup is full of male urin anf shit, and in the mean time we nuns eat our own shit and drink our on urine. All of the nuns who finally become pregnant neet to be force fed wit good food because we usually cannot take it because it makes us throug up. And if we do we eare firced to eat what we throug up. If we unwilling to do so we are being whipped till we pass out and burning wood is put btween our legs as punishment and when our clit is roasted munks ripped appart to eat the fresh. How liitle do they know that we love that pain and often we use incest to burn out clit little by little till all the fehling are gone. Then we cut the reminder out with burning knife and eat out own clit. We lerned to hate our female bodies and being promoted to destroy al sesible parts including cutting open the vagina and couting out the breast nipples. Our blood serves then as drink and holy sacrament for higher munks.If we have nice asses they cut them off and fry them in a pan while we are ordered to whatch them eating it.Sometimes they let us eat some of it.A monk who refused to cut up a female who offered herslf for sacrificatin of her body partslike ass, clit and breast offered to have hois privat parts cut off, inluding his ass and breast nipples for food for the nuns. The must drink his blood till he passed out. When he came back again he offered to have his whole body cooked in boiling water till he went under and the air bubbles stopped. After his entire body was cooked the entire congregation of nuns and munks were biting into his boddy ripping the meat of the bones and eating everything including his brain. Anun who could not do it was stapped down and the cogregation ripped the fresh of her bones eating it till she was deat from lose of blood the monks were drinking all along.. Her bone wer hung up to dry and use vor meditation rituals.

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