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Carl wrote on Feb 2nd 2005, 12:16:54 about


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The female is far more important than the male.

One man can impregnate thousands of women in his lifetime, but one woman can only give birth to several babies during her lifetime.

To put it another way: Kill off 99.9% of the males, and the few remaining males will be able to repopulate the country. However, your country is destroyed if 99.9% of your females are killed.

This is why only men have to register with Selective Service. In war, a man could be subject to the draft, but for a woman her participation is voluntary. Even then, a woman cannot be a combat soldier. Only a man can be sent to the front lines to take bullets in his chest.

Nobody wants to see a woman take bullets in her chest. It is too disturbing to see a woman's chest riddled with bullets because the female breast is associated with tenderness and nurturing, not killing.

Nobody wants to see a man take bullets in his chest, either. But it is less disturbing because the male chest is associated with strength and bravery.

Patty wrote on Sep 22nd 2004, 16:21:41 about


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That Women were created to teach,guide,and lead men becomes increasingly obvious with each generation. As each generation of Women grows in confidence,education and skill and replaces men in all areas of authority and decision-making, I think both sexes are becoming increasingly comfortable with the role-reversal taking place.I also believe that marriages, with the Woman as the head of the household,will become happier and longer-lasting.

patrick wrote on Dec 17th 2003, 15:29:48 about


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Are women superior to men? Just look around you.A woman doesn't have to be stronger than a man to overpower him,and doesn't have to be smarter than him (though she often is) to control him.A woman has an innate power over a man that he is incapable of resisting.Does a man have a similar power over a woman? No.I think it's obvious.

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