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I think the time has come for women to rise in solidarity and claim their right for superiority. For millenias complexed, flawed,subjected to hormonal swings males, that causes them to flare into rages that threaten life, tried to claim this right as theirs. That is why they used their physical strenght to undermine us women. They were, and still are cowardly scared, because we are more intellingent, more beautiful,(beauty and brain – a dangerous combination to men because it makes them feel complexed) we have a better sense of direction in prioritizing what's truly important in life. While from chilhood, males are interested in toys or games that gives them the illusion of control and power, females are more inclined to develop social skills that will help them later in life to make and keep the world a peaceful place. Girls are also more interested in games that will make them responsible and caring, while boys are into games that will develop instinctual urges of domination and control, that will lead in the end to hatred and wars. Examples: girls like to play »mommy«-a game that makes them aware that one day they'll be responsible for a child, while boys love to play »war« or wrestling» games that develop and show hatred and dominance skills. Unfortunately a female perspective of values and ethics has not been developed, because the male chauvinistic societies did not allow such perspectives to flourish. Even if females adhere to power in the bussiness or political fields, they have to act and rule like a man. Although they would like to support women's rights and privileges and ease their lot,they are afraid to do so, because they might be sanctioned and critized by the male values dominated societies. The time though, has not been better than now for women to claim their superiority. First of all we outnumber the male population. That is our first headstart. So by outnumbering males we can show our power by supporting females in acceding important positons in mutiple areas of life: politics, social, religious, cultural, professional. By doing so we can develop an alternative perspective of the greedy, power hungry, hatred dominated male norms. WE might attain a war free world, where our children can live safely, and we won't live with the fear in our heart that one day our children will be sent off to fight in a war from which a small group of «elite" men need for greed, control and dominance benefit. I would like to give an example of what we women can do now to bring a change. I the mids of presidential elections where a woman is campaigning to become the first female president in the US, women from all over the country can solidarize with her and vote for Hillary Clinton. There is one quality that I always admired in men (only one, everything else are mostly flawes in them) which is solidarity. They solidarize with each other especially when it comes to subjugate women. And unfortunately their coarse rough nature is so manipulative, that they turn women against each other to. By using force or manipulating the woman sensitive loving nature, they infuse hate among them. Women are capable of loving selflessly, but this incredible ability to love is usually oriented toward the opposite sex. Their love is of course undeserved, because men love themselves the most. Therefore women would rather turn against other women than to upset their loved ones. I always found this very sad, because men made a mockery out of this incredible ability and used it toward their selfish purposes. That is why women should learn to canalize their feelings and passions toward more productive purposes, that will benefit them and the entire world and not waste it on ungrateful men, who in turn disrespect them, cheat on them, beat them, call them bitches and holes, basicaly oppress them. Like I said voting for Hillary Clinton will prove a movement of sisterhood among women. Sisterhood is probably the best weapon women have, not only for eliberating themselves once and for all from male subjugation, but to institute their privileged statute. After a first victory other victories will come, step by step, if women solidarize and value their self and each other, the'll be able to free themselves from manipulative male ideas, and live in a better world. A strong sense of value and self-respect along with sisterhood will make this world a better, a more peaceful and prosperous place. It's up to you WOMEN = SUPERIOR HUMAN BEINGS.

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