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wqwq about free

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tommy about free

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tomato jersey wrote on Apr 19th 2001, 21:51:52 about


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Freedom isn't found in a leather jacket and a motorcycle.

But the rush of the ride and the wind, the *feeling* of being free--that's a great time.

Jeff wrote on May 1st 2000, 03:18:04 about


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In advertising, the most important word, the word the writer should strive to use if at all possible, is »free.« Other words nearly as potent are new, love, baby, easy, and sex.

paul wrote on Aug 9th 2001, 18:23:10 about


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Flights of fancy. Go where you want to. Travel the world. Or just stay at home.

Michael wrote on Dec 19th 2004, 13:57:08 about


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Being able to live without fear or oppression, able to go wherever and whenever I want to, within reason of course, and the ability to study what expands the mind.

[das flederwiesel] wrote on Apr 15th 2002, 00:28:55 about


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Is anyone out there REALLY free? I can't imagine that.
I always try to be independent, but right now I became aware that no one can ever REALLY be free. You always have to endure (and follow) some pressure, if you want to SURVIVE. If you want to be like you want to be.

You are not supposed to understand this...

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