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on Dec 4th 2001, 04:45:06, Space1mp wrote the following about


u know, I'm sitting at my comp + I look up at the wall, and I see an old limp bizkit poster that I threw up about a year ago… you know? and I wonder... why do we all seem to cover up our walls with pics of celebrities? you know? it doesn't make sense... putting up pics of people we don't really know and prob. will never meet, y don't we get big posters of people we really know and really admire in OUR real lives? sure we all have small pictures of our friends somewhere that we can c, but wen u walk into a room wat do u notice more: a 3x5 picture of a kids gf, or that huge poster of britney spears half naked on a beach? britney of course... a girl who has millions of dollars and can get any dick she wants.. y would she choose urs? but you know that nice little gf did, shouldn't you honor her with that big shrine in the corner of your room? of course not... she never recorded a meaningless pop song...

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