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on Oct 18th 2000, 22:31:00, Ryan Sayre wrote the following about


Dang. Everyone is always offering me a scone. I don't understand why people in the performing arts always have to be eating those things. I was a stage manager at the Imago Theatre once. I think they got the idea I never ate those scones. And it seems to me that the word »buttered« is always prepended to scone. I don't work at Marsee Bakery. I like donuts but I might as well just eat the butter, straight, right?

I speculate what it is like for those people with lean bodies and crazy metabolisms to be in the world. I think they have a secret desire to be corpulent. I don't know any fat Germans. I use mpg123 sometimes to decode my mp3 files.

Do they make you eat scones at Fraunhover? Probably. »WE MAKE THIS SCIENCE WORK, SO YOU MUST EAT THESE SCONES« and then people cry. Except for the really really fat ones, who would prefer to eat for a living.

It's been about 2 months since I have eaten a greasy cheeseburger. I think it came from McDonalds and cost me less than $2 American. I was with others, I should have known better.

That doesn't help me at all.

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