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Donnie Pi about Bless
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karl keule about Bless
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even humbler wrote on Aug 4th 2001, 03:13:43 about


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Bless – to imply that the laws of the universe be annulled for a particular individual or group.

Donnie Pi wrote on May 6th 2001, 07:18:29 about


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to cover someone or something with good thoughts, good wishes, and love.

seraphim wrote on Sep 5th 2004, 21:25:39 about


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I just saw a movie called Warriors of Heaven and Earth. In it, a group of warriors escort a much-sought-after Buddhist relic through the dangerous Western Regions of China to the capital city. After the movie, I came to a realization – it is reasonable to assume that if a religious object that endows the holder with great power is featured in a story, and there is a quest to bring this religious object to safety, it is reasonable to assume that the story will employ a deus ex machina.

Levelyn wrote on Nov 15th 2001, 14:45:27 about


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Just simple intend that bless will intend to help.

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