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James wrote on Feb 2nd 2005, 20:22:03 about


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"Even as we speak, the Stealth Bombers of the Brotherhood of Dada are swooping silently overhead. They're using Stealh Bombs which level whole cities without the slightest trace of noise or damage. Nothing remains of the world you knew, yet you stand in the ruins, acting like nothing has changed. What are you waiting for? A word? A sign from above?


Mr Nobody in Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol

Stopheles wrote on Nov 30th 2000, 22:46:01 about


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Since Dada, every artist is in dada (whether they want to be or not).

Dada should have come as no surprise.

mulatto wrote on May 1st 2001, 07:11:22 about


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The Dadaists chose their name by flinging an icepick at a French dictionary opened to a random page.

The icepick hit 'dada,' meaning hobbyhorse.

Domandologo wrote on Jan 17th 2006, 08:41:59 about


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A spoon can only be slotted so many times before my palette is sublimed.

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