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Bill Stuart wrote on Dec 21st 2003, 08:04:57 about


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In my worst nightmare i was being chased by something. The dream was almost completely black, only shadows and this creature after me. It chased me through a house and finally caught up with me. I was terrified as it spun me around.

When i looked at its face, it was my own.

nitehawk wrote on Apr 27th 2000, 10:01:17 about


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I can't put it any better than Blackie did.

"Touch that remote and you die! Now that I've got your attention, here's the deal. See those two people? That's Frank, and that's Fay. Strangers when they met, turns out
they've got a lot in common. Both died on the same night, both ended up in the same body of water, and both took refuge in the same all-night cafe. Me, I run the place.
Name's Blackie. Been here from the beginning. Now, I know I said Frank and Fay were dead, but the cafe needed a new cook and waitress, so it gave them a second
chance at life. They do their job, they get to stick around and help unsuspecting customers turn their lives around. 'Course, anything can happen to those who wander in -
their worst nightmares, or their forbidden dreams. Yeah, it all happens this little place we call the Nightmare Cafe."

sara the mac wrote on Aug 27th 2000, 08:46:13 about


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she was sleek and black and faster than she had a right to be. i buried my face in her mane and let her carry me thru the tongues of fire and reaching demon hands. in the morning i awoke with my eyes gritty and the taste of copper in my mouth. she was gone, of course, and so were the flames and the demons. i stood up slowly, prepared to be bored.

Jean-Claude Choul wrote on Mar 4th 2002, 22:24:19 about


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Most quotations about life are valid, but normally the most frequent refer to the positive mirror-image of nightmare, that is a dream. Anxiety and fear are usually liked to a bad dream and the word now stands for anything that is horrible or frightening. Although there might be a consensus on what is horrible, fear is a very personal feeling, and sometimes sought by certain individuals as a means to enjoy its relief. Would one go as far as seek nightmares? So it seems, but then would you say Life is a hallucinogen?

lolina D wrote on Jul 30th 2002, 00:27:25 about


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the opposite of nightmare is when you wake up with that sick feeling of fear in your stomach, and sit up, terrified. then your conscious mind returns and you realize that there couldn't possibly be twenty broccoli heads running after you with fire extinguishers.

john jewel wrote on May 26th 2007, 16:25:43 about


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even the most beautiful dream can turn into a nightmare. actually especially beautiful dreams turn to nightmares, just because you do not expect that.

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