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aaaaaaa about FUCK
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auralchaos about FUCK

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theBevis about FUCK

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Al K. Dah about FUCK

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Ursula wrote on Mar 25th 2001, 04:28:14 about


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Fucking makes life to be beautiful!

samskules wrote on Feb 11th 2001, 01:07:39 about


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the most interesting word today sure is the word fuck...

i want to fuck
fuck off
i guess i'm really fucked now
i don't like what the fuck is going on

sorry, i'm german, i prefer the word FICKEN

lady killa wrote on Jul 31st 2001, 15:29:41 about


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i hate the way some people use to express themselves by swearing. fuck, i hate it

Uschi wrote on May 5th 2001, 15:36:02 about


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Fucking is having sex the best way. I like it a lot. If one guy is done I am ready to look for the next one. I just can't get enough fucking. Where are you guys? And if you can't get it up anymore, I will blow it till it gets up. I am good in it, trust me, you can't loose!

bconstan wrote on Dec 3rd 2002, 06:00:27 about


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