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Martin wrote on Jun 29th 2001, 03:36:11 about


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Do you know the german alphabet? There are thirty letters:

a (ä) b c d e f g h i j k l m n o (ö) p q r s (ß) t u (ü) v w x y z

ß is a special german letter. It looks like a »B«
but actually it's an old combination of »s« and »s« or »s« and »z«. So it's called »ess-tset« (»ess« is the german name of »s« and »tset« the name of the letter »z«). (It's similiar to »w«, which is also an old combination of two letters: »double u« or »double v«!)

ß is pronounced like english »s« (in »mouse«) or »c« (in the word »ice«), e.g. groß (»big, great«) = »groce«, beißen (»to bite«) = »bicen«. (German s is pronounced normally like english »z«, and german z like »ts«.)

When a short vowel is followed by a consonant in German you use »double consonants« (bb, ff, ll, mm, etc.) Instead of kk you use ck, instead of zz you use tz, and instead of ßß you use ss.
So »groß« is pronounced with a long »o«, but »Boss« (»boss«) is pronounced with a short »o«.

Uh huh wrote on Nov 1st 2001, 05:49:48 about


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Too bad I never learned German language. I did take three years of French in high school though. Someday maybe I'll learn German. And Spanish. And maybe even Japanese. Then I will know what they are saying in the anime cartoons. Maybe I should rent the anime videos with subtitles. But I like the accent too well.

whatevernext96 wrote on Oct 20th 2001, 15:09:53 about


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Isn't the nature of a language supposed to depend on how and where we use it? The early circumstances of my use of German (as a young student visitor in Heidelberg) were so overwhelmingly pleasant that I have been quasi -in love with the language ever since. The same cannot, alas, be said for my even more extensive acquaintance with French, especially of late years!! On the other hand – says she, apparently destroying her own linguistic argument – I've never actually used my A-level Latin, but have always found it perfectly agreeable as far as it goes....

jo wrote on Feb 19th 2001, 18:59:14 about


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Gronkor's 'German proverb' is neither old nor a proverb, it is just idiotic.

rimmer wrote on Apr 23rd 2001, 04:08:35 about


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Stefan was telling a story, but we weren't really listening. »... and then a wolf came down from the mountains and ate a German.« »Whatwe said, »ate a human?« »Not humanhe sighed. »GERMAN

john wrote on Aug 9th 2002, 03:50:46 about


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I know a little german and he's sitting over there.

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