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Oswaldo about Importune
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B Starr about Importune
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Texts to »Importune«

purplesage wrote on Mar 30th 2001, 07:23:10 about


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Some days my vocal chords are importune and I shouldn't sing at all.

jon wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 06:06:43 about


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what a friend we have in cheeses, for no food more subtly pleases; nor plays so grand a gastronomic part.

Joseph Crown wrote on Oct 15th 2001, 19:42:30 about


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If one begs without shame and self respect

jassee wrote on Sep 8th 2000, 02:25:43 about


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Said Hydrogen to Oxygen: »I importune thee, come bond with me

»OHsaid Oxygen.

»No, H2O,« said Hydrogen, »I had a three-way in mind

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