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purplesage about green
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BaseballBob about green
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Theorist about green

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Götz about green

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Texts to »Green«

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens wrote on Nov 2nd 2004, 07:02:07 about


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It was a green spot, on a hill, carpeted with soft turf. There were shady trees, and heather, and, as far as the eye could see, a rich landscape.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens wrote on Nov 2nd 2004, 06:58:51 about


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There is nothing half so green that I know anywhere, as the grass of that churchyard; nothing half so shady as its trees; nothing half so quiet as its tombstones.

Drei K. wrote on Mar 15th 2002, 00:45:54 about


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In Japan the 29th of April is being celebrated as the 'Day of the Green' (so I heard).
All I know is that green is the colour of hope.
This is my Year of the Green...

[ev] wrote on Apr 12th 2002, 21:07:37 about


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...the gift of green filed in a winter apple...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jevalenazdeth

purplesage wrote on Apr 21st 2001, 12:08:44 about


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Green is supposed to be the color most restful to the eyes.

I wonder if that is the reason for the color of the USA currency.

Zayn wrote on May 27th 2002, 06:16:41 about


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Green. Lights. Grass. Lollipops. Gumdrops. Mint leaves. My favorite t-shirt. Cat's eyes. Permanant marker. Glass. Bottle lids. Twisty straws. Emeralds. Star Stickers. Toe nail polish. Green.

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