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Pokemon about Pikachu
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Bart Starr, Bitches! about Pikachu
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sarah wrote on Apr 12th 2001, 21:56:41 about


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did you know that »pika pika« is Japanese for the sound of an electric shock and »chu chu« is the sound of kissing?

Dortessa wrote on Dec 6th 2000, 21:00:06 about


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Pikachu is a little yellow Pokemon.
Its a electric Pokemon. Its to evolved to Raichu, give you its a thunder-stone.
Pikachu was Ash Ketchuns first Pokemon.

Why Ash dont give his Pikachu a thunder-stone ?
Why will Ash not a Raichu ?

yash wrote on Sep 28th 2004, 18:21:33 about


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pikachu you are my favourite pokemon

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